Living in Round Rock, TX, you’re most likely used to the hot spring and summer days and the high humidity that comes along with it. You may not think high moisture levels in the home to be of any concern. However, there are a couple of reasons that you should control your home’s humidity.

What Is It?

Humidity is the amount of moisture within the air and at high enough levels, which is when condensation occurs. You can measure the moisture within your home with a hygrometer. There are several reasons, for both your health and that of your home, that you should control your home’s moisture level.

1. Low Humidity Health Issues

The EPA states that the ideal range that the humidity within your home should be is between 30% and 50%. Signs you may have low moisture in your home include dry skin, nosebleeds, asthma flareups, and more.

2. Low Humidity Home Issues

A low moisture level isn’t something you want affecting your home either. Signs you may have low moisture levels in your home include static electricity and wood furniture that’s cracking, shrinking around the door frames and wood floors creak more.

3. High Humidity Health Issues

High moisture levels don’t just cause discomfort but causes other problems to your health as well. High moisture levels make it hard for your body to cool itself off by sweating. In turn, you’re more prone to dehydration and heatstroke. Other problems include allergy and asthma flareups, muscle cramps and fainting.

4. High Moisture Home Issues

High humidity creates moisture that allows microbes and pests to thrive. While microbes affect indoor air quality, it also damages your home along with the pests. High moisture levels also rot wood, which damages your home’s structure.

Don’t let low or high levels of moisture affect you or your home any longer. Contact Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning today to take control of your home’s humidity with a dehumidifier and ask how our HVAC maintenance keeps your system at its best.

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