3 Common Wintertime Heat Pump Problems in Round Rock, TX

When winter sets in, your heat pump becomes extra busy as it works to keep you comfortable. Therefore, heat pump breakdowns can happen during the coldest part of the year. Below, we will discuss common wintertime heat pump problems that Round Rock, TX homeowners routinely face.

1. Inconsistent Temperatures

Your heat pump may be unable to distribute temperatures evenly in your house due to multiple issues, such as ductwork leaks, a clogged air filter, refrigerant leaks or a dirty outdoor unit. In most cases, a technician can repair the underlying problems to restore your system’s efficient operation. Even heating not only keeps your home comfortable, but it also improves your system’s energy efficiency.

2. Running Constantly

When the outdoor temperatures become extremely low during winter, your system may run almost continuously, trying to bring in as much heat as possible. Some problems that make your unit run constantly include a clogged air filter, refrigerant leaks, ductwork leaks, thermostat issues or an undersized system. Request a technician to inspect your system to determine why your system is struggling to heat your home.

3. A Frozen Coil

The extreme temperatures outside may make the moisture on your outdoor coil freeze. Fortunately, your heat pump runs a defrost cycle to melt the ice. If your heat pump cannot melt this ice, the accumulated ice creates a barrier that prevents the coil from absorbing heat efficiently.

The outdoor coil can also freeze when you have a refrigerant leak. You can look out for more signs, such as hissing and gurgling sounds, to confirm whether this fluid has been leaking.

Whatever issue your system develops during winter, don’t try to repair it by yourself. Instead, contact us at Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning for professional heating services. Our experienced team can handle all your repair needs.

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