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When it comes to your heating and cooling systems, a little bit of care can go a long way. Check out how Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning’s professional maintenance for homes, small businesses or light commercial applications can help you prevent breakdowns and stay comfortable for less.

The Importance of Preventive Care

Like any mechanical system, your HVAC system experiences some level of stress during regular use. Lubricants gradually dry out and break down, increasing friction on moving parts. Dirt, dust and other foreign materials build up, restricting airflow and effective heat transfer. This inevitably leads to wear and tear, but that doesn’t necessarily mean breakdowns are unavoidable.

In fact, a significant percentage of HVAC failures are easily preventable with proper care. At Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we know what it takes to protect your system from undue stress and wear. Our HVAC maintenance experts bring a high level of skill and keen attention to detail to every job.

Supercharging Your Efficiency

Heating and cooling your home or business shouldn’t cost a small fortune. Clogged filters, air leaks, and other problems cause your system to work harder, wasting energy to achieve the same results. Regular maintenance visits ensure that these nagging issues are addressed before they start costing you money. The result is smoother, more efficient operation and more long-term savings on heating and cooling costs.

Consistency in Comfort

When your system can’t heat and cool air effectively and distribute it where it needs to go, your comfort suffers. Hot or cold spots often appear in places where your system struggles to reach. There are long delays as your HVAC system works harder to reach the desired temperature. It’s a recipe for plenty of unnecessary frustration and discomfort.

At Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we believe you deserve the best from your HVAC system. With our expert maintenance services, we’ll make sure you get it.

Our Maintenance Plan Keeps Your System At It’s Best

We recommend maintenance on your system before AC season and before the heating season. We will provide a maintenance visit whenever you call, but we highly recommend our maintenance plan for its comprehensive annual coverage. Our maintenance plan is described below.

Del’s Heating and Air Conditioning agrees to provide two (2) comfort checks per year. Your service will be scheduled in the spring and fall seasons during normal business hours. Services will include the following.


  • Clean condenser coil and check for damage
  • Clean debris from inside of condenser
  • Check refrigerant pressures
  • Test compressor and motors for proper voltage
  • Check and lubricate blower and condenser fan
  • Clear condensate drain
  • Remove debris from emergency pan (if equipped)
  • Test thermostat operation and accuracy
  • Inspect accessible plenums and ducts for air leaks for damage
  • Inspect air filters


  • Clear condensate drain
  • Test emergency heat (heat pumps)
  • Test defrost cycle (heat pumps)
  • Test compressor and motors for proper voltage and amp draw (heat pumps)
  • Check and lubricate condenser fan (if required)(heat pumps)
  • Check and lubricate blower motor (if required)
  • Inspect and clean heat exchanger and burners
  • Test for natural or propane gas leaks (gas furnace)
  • Test for carbon monoxide (gas furnaces)
  • Test thermostat operation and accuracy
  • Inspect accessible plenums and ducts for air leakage or damage
  • Inspect air filters (does not include media filters, cleaning electronic air cleaners, or UV lights)

Our Service Agreement was developed to help our customers with the following benefits:

  • Extended equipment life
  • Lower utility bills
  • High efficiency
  • Greater capacity and dependability

No diagnostic charge within 30 days after service is completed.

Why Choose Us

  • Exceptional service We treat customers like family, delivering outstanding care.
  • Local expertise As a locally-owned and operated company, we understand your needs.
  • Skilled technicians Our techs undergo comprehensive training to ensure top-notch service.
  • Community commitment Our owner actively engages in both service and community initiatives.
  • Competitive pricing Enjoy affordable rates without compromising quality.
  • Reliable support We offer 24/7 emergency service and flexible evening and weekend appointments.
  • American customer care We are proud to be an American Customer Care Dealer.

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