3 Reasons Not to Do DIY Furnace Repair in Cedar Park, TX

Although Cedar Park, TX, is warm throughout spring, summer and fall, it’s cold during the wintertime — much like the rest of Texas. Given the importance of your home’s furnace, you might attempt furnace repair on your own. While taking initiative is admirable, DIY furnace repair can lead to a plethora of bad outcomes.

1. Breaking Your Furnace’s Warranty

Most furnace manufacturers offer multi-year warranties. In many cases, they provide comprehensive coverage, protecting you from unexpected furnace failures.

HVAC manufacturers know that premature system failure or self-inflicted injury can result from DIY furnace repair. As a result, they may void warranties when consumers attempt self-repair.

2. Risking Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Although carbon monoxide exists in nature, high concentrations of the compound can cause health complications. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention attributes more than 400 deaths to in-home carbon monoxide exposure each year.

Fixing your home’s furnace could leave your family exposed to carbon monoxide, potentially causing death. By opting for professional heating repair services, you avoid the risk of carbon monoxide exposure.

3. Self-Repair Can Cause Even More Problems

Furnaces aren’t cheap. By trying your hand at furnace repair, you could end up causing even more furnace-related problems. After all, furnaces often cost thousands of dollars, making them one of your home’s most expensive features. DIY furnace repair could end up costing you hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars.

Our service specialists know furnaces inside and out. When you hire us, you’ll have a fully functional furnace and not one that’s even more problematic.

Whether you’re looking for heating maintenance, furnace repair or something else HVAC-related, contact Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re ready for the job, and we’re fully licensed. You can trust us to do the job right.

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