4 Reasons to Have Your Furnace Tuned Up this Fall in Round Rock

You can increase the energy efficiency of your furnace by up to 20% when you schedule a tune-up for the system in Round Rock, TX. Regular tune-ups are also important for the safety and operation of your heating system. Read on to learn about four reasons you should schedule a furnace tune-up.

1. Save Money on Furnace Bills

Without regular maintenance, dirt can build up inside your heating system, and the internal components may deteriorate. Damaged parts, along with debris, can force the furnace to work harder to heat your home, which then leads to higher energy bills.

When we tune your furnace, we clean and inspect it. If we find minor repair needs, we’ll replace the part. We also carry out other essential tasks, like lubricating the system, to restore your heating system to peak operation.

2. Keep the Warranty Valid

Most furnace warranties stipulate that you must maintain the heating system or risk invalidating the guarantee. We advise that you schedule a tune-up for your heating system once a year to protect your warranty.

3. Stay Safe

Gas leaks and fires are possible problems with a poorly maintained heating system. You can’t always detect heater gas leaks with sight or smell, as carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless. With regular maintenance, you’ll drastically reduce the likelihood of a leaky system.

We conduct safety checks during tune-ups to help reassure you that your furnace is operating safely. When we catch problems in their early stages, it reduces your risk of serious issues as well.

4. Decrease Furnace Failures

Heating system problems usually start as something minor. That’s why it’s important to schedule a service call at the first sign of trouble. If you delay, more components in the system may sustain damage.

When your heating system receives regular tune-ups, it’s less likely to experience problems. This means less stress for you and more money that stays in your bank.

Don’t go into winter without ensuring your heating system is at its best for the coldest months of the year. Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning is an award-winning furnace maintenance company in Round Rock, TX, that you can trust, so call us and we’ll be happy to help!

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