4 Signs of a Faulty AC Pressure Switch in Round Rock, TX

The AC pressure switch helps regulate the amount of refrigerant that passes through your air conditioning system in Round Rock, TX. If it fails or malfunctions, your AC will suffer from inefficient cooling, inability to turn on and other issues. Paying attention to the following four signs of a faulty AC pressure switch can help you take corrective measures before it causes serious damage.

1. AC Unit Cycling On and Off Intermittently

An AC pressure switch activates the system’s blower motor when it detects proper refrigerant levels and once the readings drop below a certain level, it will shut off. If the switch is faulty and misreading the amount of refrigerant, your unit will turn on and off at odd intervals. This can lead to system breakdowns or your room feeling too cold or hot.

2. Lack of Airflow From Vents

A faulty pressure switch can prevent the blower motor from turning on even when the air conditioning system is running. As a result, you won’t get enough air flowing out of the vents and into your home, leading to higher temperatures in your home.

3. AC System Blows Warm Air

As the switch works to regulate refrigerant levels, it can prevent enough air from entering the compressor. As a result, you’ll feel warm air from the vents instead of cool air. If you notice your AC system blowing warm air, get an expert to check the pressure switch and do the necessary HVAC maintenance services.

4. Compressor Not Starting

Your AC pressure switch must detect enough refrigerant for the compressor to start. If it fails, it won’t signal the compressor to turn on and you won’t have any cooling. A clicking or buzzing sound from the compressor accompanies this symptom when it tries to turn on but fails.

Any faulty AC pressure switch requires quick attention to prevent system breakdowns and expensive repairs. Contact Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning for AC repairs if you notice these signs. Our technician will inspect the pressure switch and provide a cost-effective solution.

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