4 Signs You Have a Bad Heat Pump Compressor in Cedar Park, TX

A faulty heat pump compressor directly affects your family’s home comfort in Cedar Park, TX and can cost thousands in repairs. A good compressor makes little noise, but a bad compressor can be very loud, indicating it’s time to seek professional HVAC service. Read on to learn more about four signs that indicate your HVAC system has a bad heat pump compressor.

1. Only Warm Air Blows Through the Vents

The most common sign of a bad heat pump compressor is warm air circulating throughout your home when the air conditioner is on. The cause is a failing compressor that prevents the condenser from getting adequate refrigerant. Because the AC system fails to meet thermostat demands, the unit runs more frequently without adequately cooling the home according to the programmed settings.

2. The Air Compressor Shakes

Inspecting the AC system’s outdoor unit often reveals another sign of a bad compressor. If the compressor vibrates or shakes, the unit requires immediate attention. Often, this coincides with an increasingly warm house as the compressor can’t turn on or run as needed.

3. Electrical System Problems

The outdoor unit draws excessive energy when you have a bad heat pump, which can overload the electrical system. The circuit breaker commonly shuts off each time the AC system turns on. This can also mean that the outdoor unit is overheating and may be close to failing.

4. Age of Compressor

The age of the compressor can also be a sign that the HVAC system is failing. If you find yourself calling an HVAC professional frequently to make repairs, it’s time for a replacement to minimize costs.

If you notice any signs of a bad heat pump compressor in Cedar Park, TX, you need professional service. To schedule heat pump repair for your home, contact us at Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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