4 Steps to Improving Your Home’s Airflow in Austin, TX

Poor HVAC airflow can cause a system that works overtime and increases energy use. The good news is you can take a few simple steps right now to fix the problem. Read on for a step-by-step guide to improving the airflow in your Austin, TX, home.

Unblock Vents

The first step to improving the flow of air in your home is to make sure all HVAC vents in your home are open and uncovered. Start by checking each vent for a small switch that can close the vent internally, and open each one. Then make sure no furniture is on top of or directly in front of the vents.

Clean Vents

Dirt and dust can accumulate on and inside of your vents. You can remedy this by wiping the outside of each vent with a damp cloth, making sure to clear the top of any particles. Vacuum out the inside too as paper and other trash items can fall down the openings.

Change the Filter

The filter on your HVAC system can over time, get clogged with all the dirt, dust and contaminants that create poor air quality that the filter catches from the air in your home. When the filter gets clogged, impaired airflow occurs, and your system has to run longer and harder to circulate air throughout the home. Changing the filter every 3 months, or more frequently, if needed, prevents this.

Keep Up With Yearly Maintenance

Weaker than normal airflow can be a sign that something is wrong with the HVAC system itself. Scheduling regular maintenance checks and catches problems like these and stops them from growing into larger problems. Yearly checks at minimum keep everything running smoothly.

A fall HVAC maintenance appointment can help increase the airflow in your home. Contact us today at Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning and ask us about our maintenance plans. We look forward to your call!

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