Air Cleaners and REME Halo Air Purifier – What You Should Know

With increasing concern about the health effects of indoor air pollution, you might be wondering if your Austin, TX, home needs an air cleaner. Indoor air purification products like the REME HALO air purifier perform well, improve indoor air quality, and help your household breathe easier and stay healthy.

Air Cleaners Freshen Stale Air for Better Health

Most people aren’t aware of the stale air in their homes. They mask the odor using air-freshening products like sprays, plug-in air fresheners, or candles. Or they’ve become nose-blind to the odor. However, if you’ve been out of town for several days and come home, you might have noticed your home has an odd odor. That odor could be stale air caused by indoor air pollutants.

Pollutants do more than make your indoor air smell bad. These small airborne particulars are also responsible for health issues like chronic respiratory symptoms, increasing asthma attacks, and worsening allergy symptoms. Persistent indoor air pollution has also been linked to neurological problems, such as anxiety, cognitive decline, depression, and dementia.

Air Purifiers Can Significantly Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Quality air cleaning products like the REME HALO Air Purifier can keep indoor pollution levels to a minimum, improving your household’s health. Many people are so used to living with symptoms caused by polluted indoor air that they don’t know what it’s like not to live with chronic headaches, stuffy noses, or waking up coughing.

The REME HALO® continuously improves your home’s air quality. It’s a whole-home in-duct system that uses UV light and low levels of hydrogen peroxide to actively reduce airborne pollutants. This purification system removes allergens, bacteria, mold, and viruses in your household’s air and on your home’s surfaces. Within days of using an air purification system like REME HALO®, your home’s air will smell fresher, you’ll notice less dust buildup on surfaces, and everyone in your household will start breathing easier.

Are you ready to discover the difference air purification can make in your home? Check out Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning air cleaners online or call us for more information.

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