Avoid These 5 Heat Pump Mistakes in Round Rock, TX

Heat pumps are a popular HVAC option for many Round Rock, TX homes. They’re energy efficient and reliable but require proper use and regular maintenance to perform at their best. Unfortunately, many homeowners make mistakes, like the five that follow, which decrease the efficiency and lifespan of their heat pump.

1. Neglecting Regular Maintenance

Heat pumps require regular maintenance to function optimally. Neglecting this service leads to problems such as reduced airflow, malfunctioning reversing valves or refrigerant leaks. Schedule a yearly tune-up with an HVAC professional to keep your heat pump in top condition.

2. Auxiliary Heat Misuse

Auxiliary or backup heating kicks in when the heat pump can no longer meet the heating demand. It’s a necessary feature in colder climates but can cause energy waste when overused. When using auxiliary heat, set the thermostat no more than 3 degrees from your desired comfort level to avoid unnecessary use.

3. Blocking Airflow

Airflow is crucial for heat pumps to work correctly. Blocked or restricted air vents, dirty air filters or debris around the outdoor unit can reduce airflow and cause the system to overwork and break down. Avoid this by checking and cleaning air filters monthly, clearing debris around the outdoor unit, and keeping the indoor vents open and unobstructed.

4. Inconsistent Thermostat Use

Heat pumps work optimally when they run for extended periods without frequent on-and-off cycles. Inconsistent thermostat use, such as turning your system on and off too often, makes the heat pump use more energy to keep up with the heating demands. Set your thermostat to a comfortable and consistent temperature, and avoid changing it frequently.

5. Wrong Thermostat Setting

Many homeowners make the mistake of setting their heat pump’s thermostat on “emergency heat” during the winter, which is a costly mistake that can skyrocket your energy bills. Emergency heat mode turns off the heat pump’s energy-saving mechanism and relies solely on electric resistance heating, which is expensive. Set your thermostat on “heat” instead of “emergency heat.”

You can avoid these common mistakes by setting your thermostat correctly, scheduling regular tune-ups, using auxiliary heat wisely, improving airflow, and maintaining consistent thermostat use. Contact Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning for reliable HVAC services, including installations, repairs, maintenance and upgrades.

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