How Adding Insulation Helps During Summer and Winter

High temperatures exceed 90 degrees from June through September, and the last thing your Buda, TX, home needs is more heat gain. During the chilly winter nights, you also don’t want the heat from your home’s HVAC system to leak to the outdoors. Consider these three ways in which adding insulation to your home’s walls and attic helps your home during the summer and winter months of the year.

Reduce Unwanted Heat Gain

Heat influx is a big problem during the long, hot summers here. Your home’s roof absorbs heat from the sun. Heat also passively enters your home through walls and windows. By adding insulation to your home’s attic and walls, you curb the heat gain. Buda is in the Department of Energy Zone 2 for R-levels. The R-level is the amount of resistance the insulating material provides. This means your attic needs R30 to R60, and your walls need R5.

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

Unwanted heat intrusion runs up your summertime electricity bills. The extra workload on your air conditioning system makes it work harder, and it could wear out faster. Insulating your home reduces the influx of hot air, resulting in less need for cooling. In the wintertime, heat can escape your home through poorly-insulated roofs and walls. Achieving the recommended R-value minimizes heat loss and lowers your wintertime heating expenses.

Is It Time to Add Insulation?

Insulation settles over time. If you suspect it may be time to add more insulation, take a look at your attic floor. If the insulation is at or below the floor joists, you probably need to add more insulation. If it appears you have plenty of insulation, it may not be protecting you well enough if there is heat gain due to leaks. Be sure to look for signs of air leaks and seal them as you find them and before adding more insulation.

For more details about how insulating your home helps during summer and winter, check out Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning insulation and indoor air quality services, or call us today for additional info.

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