How Poor Insulation Impacts Your AC in San Marcos, TX

Proper insulation is paramount in enhancing good airflow in San Marcos, TX. Failure to address this detail can cause you to spend a lot of money on electricity bills. Read on to learn how poor insulation impacts your AC.

Increased Dust and Unpleasant Odors

It will be impossible for your air conditioner to filter out all dust particles when there’s poor insulation. Breathing in this contaminated air will lead to certain discomfort.

Strange odors may also penetrate your house if it’s poorly insulated. You should ensure that your house is well insulated to minimize any dust accumulating in your house.

Energy Waste

Your air conditioner will also struggle when there’s poor insulation. An air conditioner usually circulates air via the vents in your room until you attain the desired temperature. In a poorly weatherized house, air from outside will easily gain access to your home, leading to more wasted energy as your air conditioner runs longer trying to cool or heat the air.

Leaving any doors or windows open while your air conditioner is operating will also lead to poor airflow. It’s advisable to properly insulate and seal your house to ensure your air conditioner uses the least amount of energy possible.

Excess Moisture

Poor insulation often leads to air leaks, which may reduce your home’s ability to retain heat. This will raise your electricity bills due to prolonged running of the AC and increase the moisture. Excessive moisture in your home in San Marcos, TX could eventually lead to growth of organic particulates.

Health Risk

With the excessive moisture accumulation, bacteria and particulates can easily cause skin irritation or respiratory diseases. Such diseases usually pose a risk to your health, as allergies or other breathing issues.

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