How to Combat Allergies With Your AC in Buda, TX

Millions of people who suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms may be happy to know that their AC system can mitigate their problems. Even though HVAC systems regularly draw in and circulate air between the inside and outside of your home, they need not exacerbate your symptoms. Here are a few things you can do in Buda, TX to turn your AC into an ally in the fight against your allergies.

Remember to Schedule Regular Maintenance

Over time, an air conditioner’s ability to function and circulate air effectively will decline. More specifically, unattended AC filters will collect dust and debris until they become virtually unusable. Both of these things can contribute to diminishing indoor air quality, which, in turn, may trigger your allergies.

To prevent these things from happening, it’s important that you remember to schedule professional maintenance on your system at least once a year. A maintenance technician will replace old filters with new ones and tune up or replace system parts that deal with air circulation.

Use an Air Cleaner or Purifier

This seems like a rather obvious step to take. A good air purifier comes with a HEPA filter that removes allergy-causing pollutants, like pollen and pet dander, from the air in your home. An air purifier that works synergistically with a well-maintained HVAC system can drastically improve your IAQ.

Replace Your Old AC

As important as maintenance and repair can be, some systems are simply beyond the ability of even the most skilled technician to fix for any significant length of time. After approximately 15 years, most ACs — even well-maintained ones — can’t circulate air properly. Not only will keeping such an old system around saddle you with higher repair and energy costs, but it will also decrease your home’s IAQ.

Combating allergies by maximizing IAQ is a multilayered process in which your AC can play a critical role. Call Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning and ask for our IAQ services, and we’ll help you create the cleanest indoor environment we can in Buda, TX.

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