HVAC Maintenance Homeowners Can Do

Temperatures get pretty extreme along the I-35 corridor from Austin to San Marcos, TX. It’s a hard life for an air conditioner. If you ignore routine HVAC maintenance year after year, you’ll be putting loads of extra stress on your AC and heater. The result will be higher power bills due to reduced energy efficiency and, likely, a shorter operating life for the equipment. You could also face more frequent repairs. Give your HVAC units the best chance at a long and happy life by investing in at least one service check-up per year and by performing a few basic tasks in between tune-ups.

Change the HVAC Filter

Checking the HVAC’s air filter is the most important DIY maintenance task for a homeowner. A dirty HVAC filter forces the system to work harder than it should. This hurts energy efficiency and adds extra wear and tear on the equipment. As hard as heating and cooling systems have to work in the Austin area, you really don’t want to create new obstacles for the unit. Treat your system right and check the filters monthly.

Clear Yard Debris Outside

The outdoor unit needs to be clear of yard debris so that it can operate effectively. Head outside after windy storms and clear away any trash, brush or lost shingles that have piled against the unit. Also take a few minutes a couple of times a year to gently hose off the fins to remove dirt, pollen, and leaves. Cut back overgrown landscaping to allow 2 feet of clearance for good airflow.

HVAC Maintenance – Check the Condensate Line

Your AC has a drain line to take condensation safely out of the house. If it gets clogged, water backs up and fills the drain pan. Once that pan overflows, you’re looking at a water leak inside your house. Check to make sure your AC is dripping at the end of the line outside of your home. If it isn’t you can use a shop vac to suck any clogs out. For maintenance pour a cup of diluted bleach or vinegar down the pipe. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this job, you can leave it to a pro. The annual tune-up from Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning includes checking all drain lines.

For more information about maintaining your heating and cooling systems, check out Del’s Heating and Air Conditioning website or give us a call at (512) 236-5830.

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