New Heat Pump Technology

Heat pumps deliver efficient and effective heating and cooling for Austin, TX homes. The latest technology makes these already popular units even more attractive. A new heat pump installation can reduce energy costs while increasing indoor comfort.

Two-stage Compressor on New Heat Pumps

Older heat pumps run at 100 percent capacity. Heat pumps with 2-stage compressors run at varying capacities. These units have longer running times and slower running speeds. By making small adjustments in output, they use only enough energy to maintain the desired temperature.

Variable Speed Motor

State-of-the-art blower motors work in tandem with 2-stage compressors. Rather than operating at full speed whenever the compressor turns on, variable speed motors have longer, slower fan speeds. That keeps airflow consistent and eliminates uncomfortable blasts of hot and cold air.

Home Zoning

Zoning works well with 2-stage compressors, and it can cut energy costs while making your home more comfortable. Zoning is accomplished by installing a series of automatic dampers in your ductwork. The dampers open and close to control airflow to each room or zone. Each zone has its own thermostat, so you can maintain different temperatures throughout your home.

Cost-Effective Winter Heating

Heat pumps can keep your home toasty during the chilly season with warmth extracted from outdoor air. Using this free energy source instead of a furnace, heat pumps can dramatically reduce heating costs. Today’s heat pumps can keep homes warm in temperatures as low as -20°F.

Cleaner Indoor Air

Variable speed blower motors increase air circulation through your ductwork, so more pollution is removed from indoor air. The additional airflow also keeps indoor humidity levels low to prevent the growth of biologic particles and improves indoor comfort.

If you may soon need a new heat pump installation, be sure to ask bout the benefits of a high-tech heat pump installation at Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us at (512) 236-5830 to schedule a free consultation at your convenience.

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