Should I Have My Heat Pump Tuned Up This Spring in Round Rock, TX?

Unlike a standard gas furnace that provides only warmth, a heat pump can both heat and cool your Round Rock, TX home. With two seasons of heavy usage, many homeowners make the smart decision to schedule not only a fall tune-up but a spring one as well. Read on to learn about several important reasons to consider getting maintenance work done on your heat pump twice yearly.

Your Heat Pump Functions as Two Systems

Many mistakenly believe that a heat pump is like a furnace or air conditioner, needing a single maintenance appointment before the start of the season. This type of HVAC system isn’t two separate systems; rather, it uses the same system parts to do both jobs. This leads to wear and tear throughout the year that needs looking at before another period of heavy usage.

Regular Maintenance Protects Your Warranty

Just as a furnace warranty typically states the need for an annual tune-up, your warranty likely requires two maintenance appointments per year. Make it a point to schedule one in spring and one in fall.

You’ll Need Fewer Repairs

Keeping up with the heavy usage your system experiences can reduce the number of repairs you’ll need. By preventing problems before they begin, you can avoid costly emergency repairs. Combined with the lower monthly energy costs that come with a well-maintained HVAC system, that makes twice-a-year tune-ups a real money-saver.

Your Heat Pump Will Last Longer

Having your HVAC system serviced twice annually helps it thrive for as long as possible. Catching small problems early keeps them from turning into large repairs that could cause permanent damage. If you’re ready to schedule your spring heat pump tune-up in Round Rock, TX, get in touch with our experts at Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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