Signs It’s Time for a New Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps offer the convenience of heating and cooling functions in just one system. A typical heat pump’s lifespan is about 12 to 15 years with proper maintenance. After this time, you may start to notice some performance issues. Here are some of the top signs it’s time for a new heat pump installation for your Buda, TX, home.

Heat Pump Needs Expensive Repairs

Once your heat pump is close to the end of its lifespan, parts will start to wear out or break. Certain parts, such as the condenser, motor and compressor, are expensive to replace. If you fix one part, chances are good that you’ll need more heat pump repairs at some point. If your heat pump needs repairs that exceed 50 percent of the cost of a new heating and cooling system, you are better off replacing it.

Poor Energy Efficiency

If you’ve noticed increasing energy bills, your old heat pump could be the problem. Energy efficiency decreases as heat pumps age. Replacing an old, inefficient heat pump could save 20 percent or more on your utility bills, explains Energy Star. New heat pumps include technology that will lower your cooling and heating costs. These new innovations include variable-speed motors and two-stage compressors. Consider a heat pump installation with a desuper-heater, which offers energy recovery for enhanced efficiency.

Indoor Comfort Issues

Humidity is a problem in many Buda, TX homes. If you’ve noticed biologic growth, odors or interior condensation on windows, it’s time to replace your heat pump. Replacing an old heat pump with a new one provides better humidity control. You may also notice inconsistent indoor temperatures. If one room or level of your house is much too hot or too cold, the heat pump may have the wrong capacity or some other issue. Installing a new heat pump ensures more consistent temperatures throughout your home.

For more information about when to replace your heat pump, check out Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning’s heat pump installation services, or call us for additional information.

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