What Are Signs My Home Is Under Insulated in San Marcos, TX?

Under-insulation is fairly common for many homeowners in San Marcos, TX. Poor insulation impedes not only your comfort but could also aggravate several health complications. Here are tell-tale indicators of an under insulated home.

Rising Energy Bills

If your energy bills are skyrocketing, the chances are high that you might be facing an insulation problem. Under-insulation causes continual running of the HVAC system, increasing your air conditioning bills. Essentially, your AC system overworks to provide a comfortable indoor climate.

If you notice an unexpected rise in energy utilities, consider investing in your home’s insulation. Adding more insulation to the attic will cut down considerably on your HVAC system’s energy consumption. Alternatively, you could go for professional insulation replacement.

Temperature Variances

Imbalanced indoor temperatures are other indicators that your house has poor insulation. Under-insulated rooms release heat through the walls. Subsequently, some spaces are likely to remain colder than others during spring.

Hot and cold spots within your indoor space need professional diagnosis and fixing. If your HVAC system has no problem, installing additional insulation will ensure consistent temperature regulation.

Pest Infestation

Rodent and bug invasion is another notable sign of under-insulation. Continued pest infestation stimulates serious allergic infections.

Usually, pests use openings and cracks in the windows and doors to get to your house. Similarly, these crevices allow cold air into your indoor space, bringing down your comfort. Investing in additional insulation maintains the desired indoor ambiance while keeping the rodents away.

Noise Interference

Your home’s insulation plays a large role in filtering external noise. Installing more insulation will prevent disturbances arising from outdoor noises.

Contact Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning today for top-quality insulation services. Our goal is to help you have an energy efficient home.

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