When Should I Use the Fan Setting on My Thermostat in San Marcos, TX?

Your thermostat has several settings, including the fan and auto settings. These settings work in different ways to increase your indoor comfort. We’ll cover instances you can use the fan setting on a thermostat in San Marcos, TX.

When You Want Cleaner Indoor Air

The fan setting helps to circulate the air and reduce air stagnation. If you want to clean your home by sweeping, vacuuming or dusting, you may upset some contaminants and cause them to float in your indoor air. These contaminants interfere with indoor air quality and can cause respiratory irritations, headaches and sleeping problems.

The fan keeps the air in motion and helps the HVAC system to pull it through the filter. The air filter traps these pollutants, removing many of them from your indoor air. The setting also helps your air purifier clean your air more efficiently.

You Have Uneven Temperatures

Sometimes, your home may experience uneven temperatures for several reasons. Some of the issues that may cause this scenario include an improperly sized system, a clogged air filter, system short-cycling and installing your thermostat in the wrong place.

The fan setting will help spread the air from your HVAC system and promote even cooling and heating. The setting will help you sleep better by ensuring temperatures throughout your home are uniform.

When You’re Enjoying Comfortable Temperatures

There are times in the year when you don’t need your HVAC system’s cooling or heating services. If you use the auto thermostat setting, the air may not circulate properly, leaving your home stuffy.

Opening your windows brings in fresh air, but for some people this is not be a good idea because you’ll allow contaminants and allergens from outside to enter. Using the fan setting will eliminate the staleness without interfering with the air’s quality.

If you have questions about your thermostat, contact our team at Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning for quality HVAC services. We’ll advise you on how to use your thermostat for better indoor air quality, comfort and energy savings. Our technicians can also help install the device in the correct location if it’s been installed improperly.

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