Why Insulation Is Important for Cold and Hot Seasons

It takes a lot of power to stay comfortable in Texas. Summer electric bills often climb past $200 in August and September as families try to maintain a cool home on 100-plus-degree days. Even with a properly maintained heater and AC, it can be tough to hold down utility costs in Buda, TX. Better insulation could help you boost your home’s energy efficiency.

Stay More Comfortable All Year

Good insulation helps your home maintain a more consistent temperature from day to day. As central Texans, we’re used to wild temperature swings from one day to the next, especially in spring and fall. Without effective insulation, heat and cold transfer more easily from the outdoor air into the attic and then into your living space. A good layer allows you to simply ride out most of those crazy weather changes without relying on the HVAC. Poor insulation could force you to switch from heating to cooling and back every few days.

Save Money With Better Insulation

Investing in extra insulation can help you save money on your power bills. Not only does this additional layer of material maintain the temperature inside and reduce heat transfer, but it also eases the workload for the AC or furnace. This allows the system to run more efficiently and more effectively.

Check Your Attic for Opportunities

On a hot day, there’s nothing fun about heading into the attic of your Austin-area home. If your house is more than a few years old, it’s time to assess the insulation. It may have compressed over time or actually be missing in spots. The attic ladder may not have any insulation either. Stop losing money through your ceiling and roof. Get the best value from your efficient HVAC system by adding a fresh layer of blow-in insulation to the attic. You could see a return on your investment after just one or two cooling seasons.

For more information about boosting your home’s energy efficiency, check out Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning website or give us a call at (512) 236-5830.

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