Why Your AC Is Making Strange Noises in Round Rock, TX

Residents of Round Rock, TX, want to relax during the summer while their AC units cool their homes. However, if your AC starts making a strange noise, you may not be able to relax until you know the cause. The following are some common sounds you’re likely to hear from your AC and what they mean.

Buzzing Noise

If you hear a loud buzzing noise from your air conditioning system, it means that there’s a malfunction. In most cases, this problem is due to a refrigeration leak, loose wiring or even a malfunctioning compressor.

If this is what you’re hearing, it may very well affect other parts, so it’s important you call an AC repair technician to your home as soon as possible.

Squealing Noise

If your air conditioning is making a high-pitched squeaking or squealing noise, it usually means that there’s a problem with the blower motors or the fan’s motor. This noise can be loud and irritating, and will require an HVAC maintenance technician to replace the belt or fix the problem before the noise goes away.

Some AC units may make this noise when they’re powered on. However, if this is an unusual sound, you’ll need the help of a professional to determine the source and fix the issue.

Banging Noise

In most cases, when you hear banging noise from your AC unit, it indicates that there’s a broken or loose part. This might be the motor or indoor blower.

Also, if your AC makes a banging noise, it might be a problem with the compressor. If this noise starts and then gets louder, turn off your AC and call an HVAC technician.

Contact Del’s Heating and Air Conditioning for air conditioning services in Round Rock, TX. Our expert technicians are happy to uncover the cause of any issues quickly and provide an affordable fix, so your home is cool and comfortable as soon as possible.

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