Why Your AC Is Not Cooling Your Home Evenly in Round Rock, TX

As you run your air conditioning in Round Rock, TX, you may have noticed that some rooms remain warm. Assuming that you don’t own an AC with dampers and zoning controls, this unevenness in cooling should not occur. Your AC may be cooling unevenly because something is blocking airflow or causing air to escape before it reaches your rooms.

Filter in Need of Replacing

If you don’t replace it, your air filter will become an obstacle to airflow, reducing the amount of cool air that some rooms get. We hope that this is the problem because it’s an easy fix. In fact, filter replacement is something that every homeowner should do on a regular basis (60 to 90 days).

Ducts in Need of Sealing

The air ducts that deliver the cool air to your rooms may have cracks and holes in them, or maybe the ones who installed them didn’t seal them. Either way, this will allow the air to escape, never cooling the rooms they were heading to.

Old or Damaged Insulation

Insulation plays a large role in keeping cool conditioned air indoors during summer. If it’s old or damaged in places, then the cool air will escape, accounting for the warm spots that you find here and there in your home.

The AC Is Too Big or Small

Perhaps your AC’s cooling capacity is too much or too little for your home’s size, in which case it won’t cool the farthest rooms so effectively. The only solution to this is to request a AC replacement.

Get in touch with Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning today for maintenance, which will keep your AC operating smoothly. If you need repairs, just know that we have flexible scheduling and remain available after business hours, too, in case of emergencies. We back all of our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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