3 Benefits of Zoning

A zoning system allows you to choose different temperatures for multiple areas or zones in your Cedar Park, Texas, home. Some HVAC systems with zoning have more than one indoor air handler that you can control separately, and others direct conditioned air where it’s needed most with dampers inside your ductwork. With zoning, you can improve your comfort, increase your indoor air quality, and conserve energy.

More Comfort

Zoning makes compensating for warm areas or drafts much easier. You can also decide which temperatures you prefer for your bedrooms and improve your sleep without making other parts of your home less comfortable for others. Many zoning systems are connected to programmable thermostats that can monitor your home’s humidity, and you can get updates or make changes from anywhere through your smartphone or computer. You can also require a code or password for changes, preventing unauthorized adjustments from kids or guests.

Higher Indoor Air Quality

Systems with more than one indoor air handler also have more than one air filter, improving your indoor air quality. Dampers can keep pollutants such as pollen, dirt, dust, or pet dander from spreading quickly through your home. This prevents asthma or allergy issues, headaches, eye irritation, fatigue, sore throats, and many other health problems.

Energy Savings

Zoning allows you to save power by avoiding heating or cooling vacant rooms. It extends your heater and air conditioner’s life by reducing wear as well. Depending on the type of zoning system, it can be a substantial investment, but you’ll get your money back through lower utility bills, a higher value for your house, and lower repair and maintenance costs. Some zoning systems can even connect to cameras or motion sensors and make adjustments automatically as people move around your home.

Del’s Heating & Air Conditioning has more than a decade of heating and cooling experience. We’re a family business, and we can help you add zoning to your home. For outstanding service from our friendly experts, give us a call.

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