3 Ways Regular HVAC Maintenance Extends Your System’s Life

HVAC systems in Cedar Park, Texas, operate year-round and have a lot of mechanical parts that require regular maintenance to function correctly. Regular maintenance extends your system’s life by reducing the frequency of breakdowns, improving operating conditions, and decreasing stress on the unit.

Reduces Frequency of Breakdowns

During a service visit, an HVAC technician will inspect the components of your unit, looking for issues that could cause problems. The tech will lubricate the system’s moving parts, check the electrical components, inspect the fan and blower, as well as carry out other tasks vital to the system’s well-being. Inspecting the unit regularly increases the odds of finding problems before they do long-term damage to the unit and when they’re still relatively small and inexpensive to fix. Not only can this save you money on repair work, but it’ll also help extend the life of the unit.

Improves Operating Conditions

Homeowners can perform routine maintenance tasks that improve their unit’s operating conditions. For example, changing the air filter every three months allows for better airflow through the system, decreasing strain on the unit. Clearing around the outside unit by trimming bushes and sweeping away any debris is another way to improve operating conditions and maximize efficiency.

Decreases Stress on the Unit

When HVAC systems are forced to operate under less than ideal conditions, such as when they’re dirty or low on refrigerant, they work harder than they should. Over time, this additional load stresses the unit and can ultimately shorten its lifespan. During a regular preventive maintenance appointment, an HVAC technician will clean, inspect, and service your unit. The tech will clean your condenser coil, check your refrigerant levels, and perform a number of other tasks that will help reduce the amount of strain the unit is under, which will help increase the unit’s lifespan.

Looking for ways to extend your HVAC system’s lifespan? Contact the HVAC experts at Del’s Heating and Air Conditioning at 512-236-5830 today.

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